Fun Teen Activities

Does your teen complain about being BORED all the time? Well why not give your teen something fun to do. Check out our fun ideas for fun teen activities!

Teen Party Ideas

Parents are urged to keep teens away from alcohol. Teens want to socialize and party and have a good time together. A great way to encourage and teach teens to have alcohol-free fun is to have a great party that doesn’t include alcohol. The party can be a draw for teens if it has a theme that the teens would be into. Here are six ideas for themes for alcohol free teen parties that are sure to be a blast.

Murder Mystery Party

There are games with pre-set murder mystery themes that are inexpensive. The guests are part of the action, playing characters, and work together to solve the mystery set up by the game. Alternatively, you can hire an acting troupe to lead the murder mystery party, which is a nice bonus if you have the resources to manage it.

Game Night

Have an assortment of teen friendly board...

Learn to Make a Friendship Bracelet

There are many different types of friendship bracelets, in different patterns, complexities, materials, with and without beads or charms. They can be made by kids just old enough to string beads and right through the young adult years, when kids are capable of using intricate weaving techniques. Ffriendship bracelets are enjoyed by girls and boys alike. When kids learn how to make friendship bracelets, they master a craft that is a really nice way for friends to express affection for each other.

Types of Friendship Bracelets

Common types of friendship bracelets include embroidery floss bracelets, beaded friendship bracelets, hemp friendship bracelets, lanyard, leather and wire friendship bracelets. There are kits with how-to instructions and all materials included widely available at craft and book stores. You can find additional resources for making friendship bracelets on the Internet, including videos that show how to weave many different styles. Embroidery floss bracelets are...